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Motivation, perseveration and method are his keys to success and the elements which the training method is based on.
His career has provided him the skills to develop an innovative training method, designed for those who want to improve  performance. A philosophy that combines a bespoke training plan with a healthy lifestyle.

The indoor training

Today I would like to bring you my experience with the use of cycling tools that allow, in these very difficult days, an effective and safe training at home. Specifically, I suggest you to train on the Smart Trainer, a MagneticDays product that also offers training...


Hi guys, today the topic is the Coronavirus that really touches us these days. A few days ago the problem began with the stage bike race that takes place in the Arab Emirates, suspended for two suspected cases of people (staff members) positive for the virus. All...

The disc brake

Today we make some considerations about disc brakes, because I have seen that many of you are doubtful and often ask me how I find myself and what substantial differences between traditional brakes and disc brakes. There is no doubt that disc brakes are now replacing...

Breakfast of champions

Today we will see how to set breakfast during the winter months, according to my experience and what I have learned during my years in professional road cycling.   We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this is even more true during the...

The Cunego’s Method

The Cunego's method, as the name implies, is the training method that I have developed thanks to a very long experience in cycling, developed over the years and perfected it in 2018, the year of my retirement from professional cycling. My career began in the far-off...

The double row

  Hi guys, today I wanted to explain to you the concept of the DOUBLE ROW during a bike race, because a lot asked me to explain it. And I'm very happy to do it! The Double Row technically allows a group of cyclists to travel at high speed while saving as much...

Gym During the Winter

Today we talk about how to tackle the gym and the bike in November and December. In this period the recovery gym is considered by many an important phase because we are going to work on some muscles (especially the legs) that normally for the rest of the year are...

The Cyclist’s Winter Diet

What does a cyclist's "winter diet" have to be like? Every day we are bombarded with too much detailed technical information and in most cases so difficult to interpret that we get discouraged and forget about it. I am here to give you few clear and effective...

The cyclist’s winter

How does a cyclist face winter? Considering that many take part in the races from February to October, the month of November should take a proper break to recharge the batteries. There are many philosophies about winter rest here. Some stay a week, some fifteen days,...

Giro 2020

Unveiled yesterday in Milan the next Giro d'Italia. I couldn't go to the presentation but on social networks it's like being there and I was able to gather a lot of information I needed about the stages.First of all do you guys like this Giro 2020 ? It seems to be a...

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