The Cunego’s Method

by | Feb 15, 2020 | Technique

The Cunego’s method, as the name implies, is the training method that I have developed thanks to a very long experience in cycling, developed over the years and perfected it in 2018, the year of my retirement from professional cycling.

My career began in the far-off summer of 1996, when I took the road racing route 15 years ago, and as the years went by this passion became my job.

Years of training, races, victories and defeats, having seen in cycling generational changes, having met and frequented people and teams of first level are the baggage of experience that I still carry with me today, and that allowed me to have a wide, and sometimes critical, vision of this magnificent sport.

I had a great master of life, Dr. Luigi Cecchini, my historic sports coach, who taught me how to train, manage and manage the training methods of professional cycling, teaching me almost all the things I need to know about how to prepare a great Giro and the one day Grand Classics.
What I then did on myself was experimenting: workloads, training and tables. Perfecting myself from time to time until I came to appreciate the feedback of the method that I was creating day after day.

I also looked, asked and studied, I had many stimuli for comparison with other athletes and trainers, in order to understand the different training methods that others follow.

With the passing of the years, especially towards the end of my career I started to train boys younger than me and this allowed me to test my method on other people, obtaining good results.

So I had the idea to call with name, all my training method that I propose to my athletes.

The Cunego’s method includes a 360 degree sports preparation for cyclists.

It is divided into different types of training, covering the entire calendar year: from winter basics to training during the season, to planning and preparing for the last races of the season.

But since I am rarely 100% satisfied, I continue to put into practice not only what I have learned over the years, but also what daily experience suggests to me.  That is why I am now studying and combining my experience in the field with the study of books, comparing myself with the university and trying to bring my training method to a higher and higher level, day after day.

In addition, I recently started an important collaboration with MagneticDays, a company that provides a latest generation Smart trainer. This tool allows me to better follow my athletes in the indoor part. I can do the evaluation tests to extrapolate (using the CONCONI TEST), the values needed to build them a training chart tailored for their preparation on the road.

In short, the Cunego’s method is (and I say this with a touch of pride) very valid, but for an athlete to be successful I try to teach how to deal with the sacrifices that the cyclist’s work proposes, with a positive and proactive state of mind.

Because the climb to victory is a long one and it takes determination, commitment and sacrifice to slowly see sporting improvements on oneself to achieve the goals we have set ourselves.

What I want to convey to you is the same philosophy that made me win a Giro d’Italia, an Amstel gold race and three Giri of Lombardia…

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