The Cyclist’s Winter Diet

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Technique

What does a cyclist’s “winter diet” have to be like?
Every day we are bombarded with too much detailed technical information and in most cases so difficult to interpret that we get discouraged and forget about it.
I am here to give you few clear and effective information that can help you control your diet in a simple and practical way.

After a long sports season dictated by great training, races and sacrifices a period of 10-15 days without a bike (Rest) to promote a physiological and mental recovery is essential.

The athlete will have to keep a careful diet during this period in order not to gain too much weight.
Treat yourself to one or two dinners in company, eating and drinking your favorite things are good for recharging your head and morale.
Without exaggerating, of course.
Consider that for a few days you won’t be cycling anymore, so you have to be careful not to gain weight.
Privileging a “clean” diet at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Eliminating excessive foods:
sugary drinks, alcohol, bread and cakes.
Favouring foods such as carbohydrates in the right portions (pasta and rice); second courses alternating meat and fish.
Mixed salads that accompany the main meals.
Vegetables cooked as a side dish.
Instead of desserts or sweets that do not help prefer fruit salad or yogurt.

When you resume training again in the gym and with the bike you will start to consume more calories.

My advice is to follow the same diet but increase your carbohydrates and slightly increase the dishes.

Always keep a healthy food profile.
If your workouts are long, why not even a slice of pie.
Then it will be up to each one of you to adjust and discuss with your doctor or nutritionist.

I also recommend a small snack in the middle of the afternoon.
On bike rides if your workout exceeds 2 hours, feed yourself every 20-25′.

As for the more targeted nutrition in training with the use of bars, sugars and maltodextrin bottles, etc., in addition to the normal diet I would like to talk about it and go deeper into the next topic, in which I will also involve Keforma.

I invite you to take a look at their products that we will talk about next time.

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